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Yousuf Bin Shafia Technical Works L.L.C

About Yousuf Bin Shafia

YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA TECHNICAL WORKS L.L.C known today as one of the leading service providers in construction sector in U.A.E since 2008. YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA TECHNICAL SERVICES (L.L.C) is licensed, in the Dubai Emirates of U.A.E. for Building Construction. The Company was formed to provide Civil Work services and subcontract work in the Commercial and Industrial sectors. We have established an unblemished reputation of reliability, quality, workmanship, efficiency and cost competitiveness in the construction and maintenance of numerous landmark projects in the U.A.E. We have completed more than 700 projects. We are proud that, by participating in some of the biggest Construction Projects in the area, we have played a major role in the recent revival of Building activities. Our success based on the quality. We take pride in the fact that all jobs have been completed on time, in a safe manner and professional manner

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YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA TECHNICAL WORKS L.L.C is based in Dubai and has extended our field of operation to U.A.E. The current staff of 350 is made up of well-qualified and experienced project managers, project engineers, and skilled administrative spearheads. The most fundamental part of YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA TECHNICAL WORKS L.L.C is our Employees. The company employs a highly skilled team of professionals whose technical knowledge and experience provide a superior standard of workmanship. Our people take care of job quality. They take the extra step to ensure the correctness of work.

The Company’s major asset is its staff. Our team of dynamic professionals brings an added value of the products they represent. This comes from the fact that technical assistance to the Architects and Contractors is always available. We provide a full range services at all stage of Works from initial CAD drafting and drawings, technical consultancy, up until the final execution of the Project.

YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA has two sister concern companies. One is by name of SHELZA INTERNATIONAL, which was established in 2007 and second is by name of YOUSUF AHMED TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC, which established in 2000. Both sister concern companies are engaged in Civil Work services and Subcontract Work in Commercial and Industrial Sector.

Company Profile

Our Vision

“Construction is business where success is measured by ability to complete projects on time and within budgets.” One of our company’s strongest personality is commitment. We are committed to our clients, members, our industry and to each other. Our commitment, today and in future is that our customers can depend on YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA TECHNICAL WORKS L.L.C succeed. We are looking forward to further closer partnering construction industry to meeting the challenges.

Motivation & Compensation

YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA TECHNICAL WORKS L.L.C will adopt Management by Objective Technique (MBO) that will hear/listen to workers approach, and then modify this approach to meet the demands of Quality Works. Potentially motivated worker(s) will have unlimited task and can reach heights equivalent to a Site Engineer and at the same time receive compensation commensurate to his job depending on his capabilities. YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA TECHNICAL WORKS L.L.C will provide lucrative compensation and bonuses to skilled workers who, on all occasion, show loyalty and pride to protect the interest of the company.

Workmanship & Economy

YOUSUF BIN SHAFIA TECHNICAL WORKS L.L.C strictly rejects unskilled workers through continuous monitoring of individual output. Hired worker(s) will have to work alone in predetermined areas to fully qualify as a worker of the company. Monthly orientation will be given to all workers to train them on how to economize materials on site to avoid wastage due to lack of knowledge in material cycle.

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